Softy and color block + Lovely boots

Hello everyone!

It's FRIDAY, so be happy. The weekend is here :).
The weather was grumpy a few days, but the sun is shining .
Crayon skirts are my new love, definetly. Those gorgeous items make a good couple with stilettos, anytime. 
Yep , I could wear them all day long , maybe all night long...when I am sleeping . Yes, I am crazy ( about stilettos) . Truth to be told , I am addicted to them.
Ok, enought about my obsessions. Let's talk a little bit about this outfit. 
I have chosen blue and orange items (color block) and a white- creamy blazer to give a softy touch . I love the result . It is comfy, chic and colorful. 
What are your plans for this weekend ? I will probably join at this party on saturday, take photos with my new lovely items (can't wait to show you some pretty goodies) , drink my favorite coffee ( S. , of course) with Andreea and work for some school projects. Well, it will be a full and busy weekend, but I can't wait to do all that things.
I am in a good mood today  ( good weather- I guess this is the reason ) and I wish you to feel the same.

Shirt-  DIY
Skirt- Atmosphere
Pumps- HERE

Ah, I looooove this pair of boots. Cheap and chic. Price : 20.83 $. Cool, huh ?


13 comentarii:

  1. ach uwielbiam połączenie takich intensywnych barw;)

  2. gorgeous outfit!
    love your skirt

  3. culoarea pantofiilor e superba !

  4. Ce culoare frumoasa au pantofii :)

  5. Woaah, ești superbăăăă! Iubesc pantofii ăia :*

  6. Nice shoes! :)

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