Life in pictures

Hello everyone!

EN:My life lately : decorating Christmas trees, drinking a lot of coffee, eating sweets, shopping, parties and so on.

RO: Viața mea în ultima vreme : decorez brăduți de Crăciun, savurez cafeluțe atunci când mă întâlnesc cu prietenii, mânanc cele mai bune prajituri (auch!), fac multe cumpărături - doar e luna cadourilor- petreceri și tot așa!

* The best cake ever!
Thanks Andreea! <3

*to buy or not to buy ?

*gorgeous Kurtmann items

*lazy sunday with a dear friend

*me-tired- decorating the Christmas tree

*the result

* Morticia Adams at Elle style awards

*sweet breakfast

 *blueberry muffin from Starbucks

*love this new bag

*ate pizza with my dear coworkers

*my second Christams tree

* another bag for my soul

*Christmas party

*Secret Santa

*yummie food

*spent a lovely afternoon with Cassandra

*new golden accessories

*my name on my favorite coffee + chocolate cake (great afternoon with a dear friend)

 *new gloves from H&M

*Another Christmas tree in my beautiful family :)


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