Summer delights

Hello everyone!

When I think about summer delights in my mind appears a lot of ice cream, cocktails on the beach and lovely clothes. Well, in your opinion, what are the delights of this summer? 

Delicious dress- HERE

Colored or black dresses. Sexy lace is a must this season !

1. Black lace dress- HERE
2. Yellow sexy dress- HERE
3. Simple black dress- HERE

Kimonos are the stars  this summer. Perfect for a boho-chic outfit or just for a day on the beach. Just choose a simple swimwear and add your favorite kimono. You will look amazing dressed like that!

1. Black kimono -HERE
2. White kimono- HERE
3. Black kimono- HERE

 Skirts!! Long , midi or mini? What is it your favorite? Well, I love them all. I like to wear a midi skirt on a fashion event, a mini skirt in a club and a long skirt on a walk on the beach.

1. Long skirt- HERE
2. Mini skirt- HERE
3. Midi skirt -HERE

If you prefer bodycon outfits, here are some beautiful 2 pieces suits. Which is your favorite?

1. White - HERE
2. Stripes and colors- HERE
3. Red - HERE


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